My Grieving Process

What I’ve learned since Cameron died is that most people look to books to help them define life. I can’t tell you how many people sent books, suggested books, or referenced books. Not to offend any of those people, but ...

When looking at the baby, Melia said, “It scares me how creepy she looks”.

Melia (4): I’m so proud of you, Mom, for for cleaning your room all by yourself! You did such a good job.
I’m starting to wonder if it sounds as condescending when I say it to her. LOL.

3 Reasons I Love The Lego Movie

Melia and I will be spending a fun “big girl” day at Legoland Florida tomorrow! We were graciously invited to attend the premiere of The Lego Movie 4D – A New Adventure. This is their newest attraction opening this week. They are dubbing the ...

Playing a game of “Caption This”. To join in the fun, leave your caption in the comments at the end of the post. Then link up.


Caption This