Child Loss Erases The Line Of Appropriate

child loss

When you lose a child, that death turns you into a different kind of parent. Your entire family changes. The topic of death free flows, sometimes to the point that it could make other people uncomfortable. There are no lines in the sand to determine what is appropriate because that line ceased to exist when your child left this earth. This … Read More

9 Habits Of An Awesome Mom {That’s You!!}

how to be a good mom

Do you consider yourself a good mom? How about an awesome mom? My guess is you should. As moms we spend so much time comparing ourselves to other moms. Regardless of how well we are doing we look for ways to put ourselves down. Our energy is on our own supposed failures. We seem to get caught up in all the negative and … Read More

3 Fail Proof Ways My Kids Eat Anything I Cook

tricks to get kids to eat

I have learned how to get my kids to eat anything I cook. If your house is like mine, my kids hate anything that comes out of my kitchen. I render their favorite meal instantly disgusting. I could remove all vegetables from their plate and they would still turn up their nose. So I began to ponder one of life’s … Read More

I Was Forced To Say Goodbye Too Soon

taking down the crib

I always knew Sienna would be my last baby. Three and done. That decision was solidified when my son died. So I find myself a little more nostalgic when we hit milestones. This one in particular was a challenge. I believe it was because I should have been in charge of it and I wasn’t. Babies grow up. I get … Read More

My 1 Year Old Put Me In My Place

put me in my place

As a mother, it is natural to have moments of insanity brought on by your children. Times when their actions push you to the brink. These events typically result in an eruption of emotions and a lot of yelling, resulting in mom guilt. It is rare to have someone around to witness and check you when it happens. Your kids slink … Read More

Our 5 Favorite Mom And Daughter Home Date Ideas

Mom & Daughter Date Night

Parents often struggle with finding time to spend one-on-one with their kids. I get it. The daily grind is exhausting. That’s why I look for easy, inexpensive ways to have a mom and daughter date night. To make it even more simple, we do these at home! No need to leave the house. Execute in the spur of the moment. … Read More

12 Ways To Make Your Kids Feel Special

tips to make a kid feel special

This last week my mind has drifted to the topic of making kids feel special. I have connected with a handful of readers that lost a sibling. They were moved by my siblings are the forgotten grievers post and graciously shared their stories with me. Once again I tell myself, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” Over and over I … Read More

Our Diagnosis – Into The Unknown – Porphyria 101

Our Porphyria Diagnosis

Porphyria has come to mean a lot of things. I hold a piece of paper that tells me it is the reason my 7-year old son died. DNA testing tells me everyone in my family has it. When I speak with doctors, there is either confusion or questions. Most tell me they can’t believe our story because, “people don’t die … Read More

7 Reasons Motherhood Has Made Me A Better Person

There are many words associated with motherhood. It is rewarding, exhausting, joyful, challenging, messy, incredible. It is a roller coaster of emotions. Singly the most difficult thing you will ever do. Yet so worth it! My decision to become a mother was intentional. In my mind it just made sense. This is what you do. Motherhood is the next chapter. … Read More

Today I Failed At Motherhood

Today I failed at motherhood.

Today I failed. I completely failed at motherhood. There I said it. If I’m honest, it was multiple times. I’m not proud, but motherhood was tough on me today. They rarely tell you about this part. I feel defeated, stressed, exhausted, and ashamed. It was a combination of many things. Not a lot of sleep. A constant barrage of messes. … Read More