18 Easy Questions To Start A Conversation & Get To Know Your Kids

18 Ways to start a conversation.

The quickest way to strengthen your relationship with your kids is to start a conversation. Conversation creates connection. Demonstrates interest. Improves your ability to communicate. By asking the right questions, you learn valuable information. Investing time strengthens your relationships. These conversations create positive interactions. The information gathered gives you personal information to relate back to and build experiences around. It … Read More

7 Simple Ways To Invest In Your Family And Reap Big Rewards

Invest in your family, it is the best thing you can do and it will always pay tenfold. This is advice I received as I left the corporate world and became a stay-at-home mom. While family time has always been a priority, it wasn’t until after my son died that I really understood the value. Time is precious. It is a … Read More

How To Be In The Moment In The Age Of Technology

Be in the moment. A goal for most parents. Seemingly unattainable at times, but a goal nonetheless. This phrase is constantly being offered up as advice. Remove all distractions and slow down. Live your life in the present moment. Take it all in. As a society we are obsessed with cell phones and technology. Regardless of where we are, our … Read More

Parental Affection – What Are The Rules?

Look up parental affection and you will see study after study citing it’s importance. It is proven to have a direct positive impact on the emotional, social, and physical development of children. Therefore, it’s not a stretch to say it is a requirement when trying to successfully raise well-adjusted children. So why are people so judgmental about it? Yesterday, actress Hilary … Read More

Why It Is So Important To Have Mom In The Picture

Mom in the picture has become my mission. When my kids were little, I always did my best to make sure we were taking lots of pictures. I wanted to document as much as I could. Those pictures helped family that lived across the country watch my babies grow. Every now and again I would realize we had lost focus. … Read More

Why We Created A Safe Word

As we exit the store, my eyes begin constantly scanning. I’m looking for cars driving by. Reverse lights coming on as someone prepares to back out of a parking space. People lingering. Who am I parked beside? Is there anyone sitting in the car? Trying to anticipate everything. My daughter walks beside me. She pauses to look both ways as we … Read More

Link Between Baby’s First Words & Personality? – I Have A Theory

I have this theory about a baby’s first words. It came to me recently as I recounted the first words of each of my 3 children. It struck me that the words seemed to match their personality, even as they got older. I’m wondering if others have noticed the same thing. Pay attention as I’m sure this will end up … Read More

Parenting After the Election – What Do We Do Now?

How many times did we say, “I can’t wait until after the election is over”. From the moment it started, this right here is the moment everyone longed for. You feel better, right?! If your social media feeds look anything like mine, it is as if the world is ending. Though if you ask me, it would have been that … Read More

Missed Connections – Motherhood Edition

Have you ever read through the “Missed Connections” section of Craigslist? It can actually be quite comical. People posting about their random interactions with strangers. Hoping that person will read their post, remember their casual encounter, and contact them to reconnect. I wonder how many of them ever really find the person they were searching for. Then I started thinking about what missed … Read More

Kindergarten Romance – Why We Take Young Love Seriously

Kindergarten seems a bit early for young love and budding romance. At my house, it’s popping up like crazy. My oldest daughter is 5. We are already planning the iron bars for her bedroom window, getting a shotgun that can be strategically placed near the front door, and investing in cell phone trackers. We don’t dare make these jokes in front of … Read More