My Favorite Color Is Blue. Sometimes. (Grief Book Review)

I will never forget the drive home from the hospital that day. Reaching our destination meant telling our (then) 4-year old daughter her big brother would never be coming home. On Christmas morning no less. My mind raced for the right words. Those words don’t exist. The days that followed were a blur. I can only imagine how difficult they … Read More

Get A Personalized Video or Call From Santa!

Every year our kids receive a personalized Santa video. This has been a long time Christmas tradition for us. Kind of a way to bring a little more Santa magic into the house. The Portable North Pole offers a variety of videos, scripts, and options to personalize your Santa interaction. This is especially important if you have more than one child. … Read More

My Groupon Discovery – How Did I Not Know This Existed?

I have used Groupon in the past. It is always top of mind when we plan something fun. Some of our favorite purchases were a Christmas hay ride, a visit to a local corn maze, and even a mani/pedi trip for a girls day. You really never know what you will find.     Most of my purchases have been … Read More

Save Money On Holiday Shopping – So Simple!

It’s officially November, and that means holiday shopping is just around the corner! Not sure I’m ready for that yet. Regardless, here we are. I wanted to share something that will help put some money back in your pockets this year. Last December, I signed up for Ebates. A friend started talking about her experience with it. I’d heard of it. … Read More

Feeding a Picky Eater – The Hunt for a Healthy Snack

Having a picky eater is frustrating! Often no matter what I do or what I try, the food is refused. Sometimes right away. Sometimes after the first couple of bites. Regardless, it can drive a Mom batty. I’ve talked about Sienna’s sensory issues before. She is all about the texture! The reason I know she’s my child is her fondness for carbs … Read More

Piperoos – Baby Changing Pads – Product Review

Piperoos baby changing pads are adorable! When they contacted me to write a review, I was really excited to try them out. This is a product I wish I had known about when Sienna was first born. We always seem to be changing her on our bed. Let’s just say if we had been using these all along, I would have done … Read More

I See Me Books – Personalized Book Product Review

I’m sure you’ve heard about I See Me! books. Go to their website, you will find over 100 different children’s books that can be customized to your child. The idea is to encourage reading, which I love! In some books, letter and name recognition is the focus. In others, the hero of the story has the same name or likeness as your … Read More

Stroller Phone Mount – Tigra MountCase Review

It seems every Mom out there can use an extra pair of hands. Juggling kids, a diaper bag, a purse, keys, a cell phone, and the numerous other things that I am asked to keep track of when we are out is chaotic. It never fails the things we need fall to the bottom of the bag. If we keep them out … Read More

The Best Laundry Time Saver – Never Iron Again

I hate laundry! There is no way I’m in the minority here. If I’m honest, our laundry exists between the washer/dryer and baskets when we aren’t wearing it. That means everything is always a wrinkled mess. I used to spend time ironing…or putting it back in the dryer over and over to dewrinkle. That is until I learned about the … Read More

Walmart Grocery Pickup – Change the Way You Grocery Shop

How amazing would it be if you could take the chore of grocery shopping off your list? Imagine never standing in those long lines. Never dragging kids down the aisles, throwing extra things into the cart, whining they are bored. Not spending an hour (or more) of your time looking for items on a shelf and checking them off your list. What … Read More