How To Be A Better Friend

How to be a better friend

Friends fill a vital role when it comes to quality of life. We confide in them. Vent our frustrations. Bond over our common struggles. They are the backbone to our sanity. A necessity for our happiness. These are the reasons so many moms are constantly seeking their tribe. A genuine circle of friends bound to each other through life. We crave that … Read More

Holiday Preparation Made Easy + Homemade Caramels & Sweet Spicy Nuts Recipes

The holidays are fast approaching. It’s that time of year when we are pulled in a million different directions. The calendar is packed full of celebrations, dinners, and other festivities. Stress runs high. There is just so much to do before we can relax and enjoy the season. Each year we find ourselves searching for last minute hostess gifts, items … Read More

Easy Lemon Pie – Less Than 10 Minutes To Prep

Easy lemon pie. It’s a recipe we have been making for years! It is always on our holiday rotation. Whenever we want a lemon pie without all of the hassle, this is it! It’s so simple and tastes so good. What you will need: 1 graham cracker crumb crust 2 – 14 ounce cans of sweetened condensed milk 3/4 cup of … Read More

Our First Geocaching Family Adventure

Have you ever been geocaching? It’s a real-life treasure hunting game using GPS devices (or an app on your smart phone). Basically, you are given GPS coordinates to find a “cache” or box that has been hidden somewhere out in nature. It becomes a game to see if you can find it, and how many caches you can find. Today was … Read More

The Best Peanut Butter Sandwich Ever

Let’s be honest, A peanut butter sandwich can be boring. Especially when packing a lunch and eating the same thing over and over again. We are always looking for ways to shake it up a bit. This peanut butter sandwich is so tasty! It’s a great spin on the original. I first discovered these at Tropical Smoothie. When we moved to Florida…no … Read More

Crack Pretzels – Buttery Garlic Ranch Pretzel Recipe

I don’t often share recipes. When I do, you know they are good! So good that I understand why they call these “crack” pretzels. They are seriously addicting! Normally, I’m not much for pretzels. Unless they are soft pretzels dipped in cheese or used for the crust of strawberry pretzel salad, I could take them or leave them. Something made … Read More

Tips For Letting Go of Perfection

I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. Blame it on the fact I’m a Capricorn. Perfection is in my nature. I can’t help it. It drives my husband crazy! This is especially true when we are expecting company. He knows the week leading up to their visit will be filled with fun “honey do” lists and me stressing … Read More

Building a Curtain Board – Aging Wood with Tea & Iron

If you’re like me, you are probably wondering, “What the heck is a curtain board?” Those were my exact thoughts a few weeks ago. Now, it’s one of my favorite things in the living room! A couple of months ago we had a big mishap at our house. If you caught a post I did a while back, you saw … Read More

That Special Bond Between Mother & Son – Featured on Her View From Home

One of my goals when I started blogging was to work on my writing. Longer term I had dreams of submitting my stuff to have it published. Back in June I started with baby steps. Her View From Home published my first submission (amazingly!), and I was beyond excited. Last week, they offered me an opportunity to be a regular contributor … Read More

Back To School Tips – School Clothes Organization

School mornings are hectic. I’m always looking for ways to save time and make the morning run as smooth as possible. Here is a great organization, back to school tip to making picking out school clothes a breeze. Last year we were really good about laying out school clothes the night before. It was part of our bedtime routine and a … Read More