How To Be A Better Friend

Friends fill a vital role when it comes to quality of life. We confide in them. Vent our frustrations. Bond over our common struggles. They are the backbone to our sanity. A necessity for our happiness. These are the reasons so ...

One of my goals when I started blogging was to work on my writing. Longer term I had dreams of submitting my stuff to have it published. Back in June I started with baby steps. Her View From Home published my first submission (amazingly!), and I was beyond excited.

Last week, they offered me an opportunity to be a regular contributor on their site. While this isn’t big money, it’s something and has been a huge boost to my confidence. I feel like (maybe) I can call myself a writer now. I’m motivated to continue pushing myself to improve and accomplish my writing dreams.

I appreciate all of the support & love through this journey. Below is the link to my latest article on Her View From Home:

That Special Bond Between Mother & Son