Like anyone else, I have favorite things I love to recommend. These are either things that have made my life easier or things that I’ve realized I just can’t live with out. So why keep them a secret?

I’ve compiled a list. Actually, I’ve compiled 2 lists. One for my readers. One for my fellow bloggers.

There are some affiliate links in here. That means if you decide to give these things a try, I may make a small commission from your purchase. However, there is no additional cost to you when that happens. I promise you that I will not include anything here that I don’t rave about and use. Check back periodically or bookmark this page as I will always be updating as the list changes or grows.

If you decide to try any of my favorite things, I would love to hear about your experience!

mom resources

Walmart Grocery – I save so much time and stress by not grocery shopping anymore! Order your groceries online. Schedule a pick up time. Call when you arrive. They literally bring your grocery order to you and load it into the back of your car. No extra charge. No tipping. It is so easy. All of your favorite brands and purchases go on a favorites list to make your next visit even easier. You can’t beat it! Sign up under my link and get a free $10 toward your first purchase. Click here to read my full review.

Ebates – Initially I admit I was skeptical. However, once I actually tried it I was hooked. I never buy anything that I’m not already intending to buy. Sometimes they even offer discounted coupons. Then they automatically send me cash back on my purchase. Click here to read my full review and how I earn.


blogging resources

Passion + Profit Blogging Course – This was a game changer for me. It opened my eyes to things I wasn’t even aware I should be doing. Krystal & Leslie bring together all of their knowledge and experience to teach you how to take your blog to the next level and monetize. Everything from blog design, writing, branding, social media platform strategies, and building your email list. Check it out!

passion + profit

Linqia – Part of my monetization strategy. I get matched with brands for pay-per-click campaigns and sponsored posts. This is how I started earning money from my blogging.

Canva – Create amazing images for your blog posts and social media. It’s free to sign up and use. There are beautiful templates you can personalize or start from scratch. Upgrades are not necessary. I have yet to pay for anything. There has never been a reason to. It’s easy to use and will quickly become your “go to” for anything image related.

ActiveCampaign – I’m in love with this email marketing software. It is a step above MailChimp (at a very minimal cost). Plus it allows me to really customize my emails. I have been able to easily set up sequences of emails that are branded and provide a top notch reader experience.

blogging resources