Walmart Grocery Pickup – Change the Way You Grocery Shop

How amazing would it be if you could take the chore of grocery shopping off your list? Imagine never standing in those long lines. Never dragging kids down the aisles, throwing extra things into the cart, whining they are bored. Not spending an hour (or more) of your time looking for items on a shelf and checking them off your list.

What if I told you this could be your new reality? It has become mine! Walmart Grocery has literally changed my life.

walmart grocery pickup


Grocery shopping is now as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select my grocery items on Walmart Grocery’s website.
  2. Check-out and pick the day/time for pick up.
  3. Drive to the store for pick up.

The best part? They load them in the car for you! You don’t even have to get out of your car. It’s a simple phone call to let them know you are there. Today I timed them. I placed my call as I was entering the parking lot. When I hung up, I started my stopwatch. As soon as they were done and shut my trunk, I stopped it. Four minutes forty-nine seconds!!

I don’t know about you, but spending less than 5 minutes at Walmart for an entire load of groceries is quite the record.

My husband thinks I am far too excited about this. I don’t agree! It’s just made things so much easier.

Yesterday I had my computer out while I cooked dinner. It sat on the counter, logged into my Walmart Grocery account.  As I walked around the kitchen, I started my grocery list. Instead of writing it on paper, I searched the item (every brand option to choose from) and added it to my cart. Before bed, I checked out.

Today I was dealing with 2 sick kids. Both girls have been running fevers. Normally, today would have been a bust. No way would I attempt groceries with 2 sick kids. Most days I don’t want to attempt grocery shopping with 2 healthy kids. Today, I was able to load them both in the car and let them nap completely undisturbed.

Now, each of those items that I always buy are loaded in a favorites list. As I make future lists, my cart is full in a matter of seconds as I quickly replace the items I need.

What You Need to Know

This is a new service. You will need to find out if it is available in your market. Just go to Walmart Grocery’s website and do a zip code search. If it is not available, you can sign up to receive notification when it is available.

walmart grocery 1

For me, it wasn’t available at my normal Walmart. However, it was if I drove an additional 10-15 minutes to another. Totally worth it!

The potential downside? They do not take coupons. They do not price match. So if these are part of your normal grocery routine, you will need to decide how important they are to the budget. I love the huge time savings!

There is no charge to use the service. Just the normal cost of groceries. No tipping allowed. When they come out, they bring your itemized receipt. If items were out of stock, they remove them from the overall bill and you will see it listed as out of stock.

The restrictions? You must place a minimum order of $30. Currently, same day pick up is not available.

Promo Code: For first time users, there is a promo code available. It will get you $10 off your first order. Minimum purchase of $50 to qualify. As a disclaimer, using this link will also give me $10 towards my next purchase (at no cost to you). Thank you Walmart.

There is a special, designated pick-up area. It is always located around the back side of the building (to the right – if looking at the front of the building). There are lots of signs. When you arrive, there are designated parking spaces with their phone number. They will call you 10 minutes prior to your hour pick-up window so you can save the number. You will also receive email confirmation and instructions following check-out.

I’m a huge fan of this service! There was no compensation received. This review was purely based on my own experience. I guarantee if you try it, you will love it. Let me know what you think when you do!

5 Comments on “Walmart Grocery Pickup – Change the Way You Grocery Shop”

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s really a great service. I love the time savings…money too because I don’t have the same opportunity to just buy on a whim.

  1. I did this at Thanksgiving and a few other times. I love it! It ends up saving me money so I don’t end up buying things I don’t need last minute lol.

    1. I try to only shop this way anymore. It’s such a hassle dragging the kids in. It definitely keeps me from buying extra stuff too!

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