Why Daddy Needs his Toes Painted

My daughter is 3. She loves all things girly: princesses, dresses, shoes. Then there is the infatuation with makeup (a little bit for play), my lotions and perfumes, and nail polish. All the things you would expect a girl to be in to.

Melia has an older brother. Because of that, she is also a tomboy! She likes to play outside and dig in the dirt. When she plays, she plays hard and rough. Jumping off things. Testing out new ideas while her brother stands by to see how it goes first. Not girly at all!

My husband likes the tomboy side! He gets a bit squeamish with the girly side. It’s like he associates the girly side with being a high maintenance girl. This is a perception I like to test. She can be girly and care about how she looks without being high maintenance!

When we had some 1-on-1 time with Melia, I suggested we let her have some of her girly time. Since her older brother is her biggest playmate, he dictates a lot of what happens normally. So I thought let’s do some pedicures! My husband begrudgingly agreed.

She had the best time ever! We all soaked our feet in bath salts. Then we put lotion on. To top it off, Melia got to pick out some pink nail polish. I painted her toes. She got to paint ours. We had a lot of fun.

I think it’s important for dad’s to support their daughters’ and their interests (even those they don’t like). That night my husband stepped up and joined right in. He even left the polish on for a day or two. That surprised me! Each time Melia saw his pink toes, she would smile and comment on what a great job she did…how we all matched. The bonus (all dad’s listen up), your wife loves it! There is nothing more attractive than a man getting silly and spending time with his kids.

Who is up for some pedicures?

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