Bringing Back the Lost Art of Letter Writing – Kids & Pen Pals

It seems anymore that letter writing is a lost art. Long gone are the days of pen pals. Buying stamps to send letters to your friends and family. Even Christmas cards are on the short list of things people aren’t sending anymore. It’s all about faster, cheaper, and less time.

I get it! I’m guilty of giving it all up too. However, I’ve realized that in giving it up we are also giving up that excited feeling you get when you open the mailbox to find something addressed to you that isn’t a bill or junk! We do still get the occasional package or letter in the mail. I miss buying cute stationary and sending photos…actual photos. It was more personal than email, texting, and social media.

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Last month we hung a mailbox outside of Melia’s bedroom. The initial intent was for her and I to exchange little notes and surprises. A twist on our reward system. Just a different way to communicate and create some excitement and fun. Then she realized that it’s even more fun when she gets mail from people other than me!

Mailbox Project Photo

My Mom has joined in the fun. They have started exchanging cards, photos, and drawings. It has generated lots of questions about how the mail works. How long it takes to get from point A to point B. The best part? She has a new, fun way to build a relationship with my Mom (living across the country).

We have been working on our next batch of mail. So far her attention span is short and so we just pick 1-2 people. We bought some cute little blank cards to have on hand. Sometimes we print coloring sheets to color or she draws a picture. I’ve been eyeing the postcards at Walmart so I think our next trip I will let her pick a few out.

She’s learning that by investing her time in sending mail to others, they reciprocate. We have so many friends and family that live out of state and I think this is a great way for her to know them. She also gets to practice her handwriting and learn that lost art of writing letters (though she hasn’t actually written one yet…we will get there).

As her mail gets delivered to us, I just hold onto it. When she isn’t paying attention I slip it into her mailbox and let her find it. She’s constantly asking if she got mail. The other day my cousin sent her a letter and she was beside herself that it was from someone else.

We’ve been having so much fun with it that I wanted to share the idea. Maybe together we can bring back the art of letter writing. Pen pals anyone?! 🙂

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