The Best Laundry Time Saver – Never Iron Again

I hate laundry! There is no way I’m in the minority here. If I’m honest, our laundry exists between the washer/dryer and baskets when we aren’t wearing it. That means everything is always a wrinkled mess. I used to spend time ironing…or putting it back in the dryer over and over to dewrinkle. That is until I learned about the best laundry time saver ever!

wrinkle 2

While I was visiting my family back home a few years ago, my Mom had introduced me to wrinkle releaser. I had never heard of it. When she said she rarely ironed anymore, I will admit I didn’t believe her. Then I tried it. Now it’s the only thing we use!

Downy is where I started. Then we discovered you could get the same product for a quarter of the price. Dollar General carries their own version. For just $2 you can get a big bottle. It lasts a while and for the time saver is completely worth it.

We use this on everything: T-shirts, dressy shirts, suits, dresses. I even take it in a small travel bottle with me to spray clothes at a hotel and hang versus ironing. Simply spray the product onto your wrinkled clothes. Shake it once or twice like you do when you take something out of the dryer. Hang it up or lay it out flat to dry (it will be damp). In about 10 minutes, you are ready to go.

wrinkle 3

Here is my DIY demo to show you just how simple it is!  🙂

Have you tried it before? What are your favorite laundry time savers?


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