Kid Gardening Project

As always, we are on the search for new things to do outside! For some reason it’s like torture to just go outside and play. So why not do a little gardening?

This project ended up being pretty simple. Their grand parents sent them some seed packets and little planters. Our job was to get the seeds started so we can fill those pots! They were super excited.

Each of the kids got a seed starter kit and their packet of seeds. I cut open the potting soil and let them each start filling up their cups. Once we reached the halfway point, they put a seed in each container then finished filling them with dirt.

The fun came when we¬†were done. They each got to water their seeds. Playing in the hose is always a blast! It will be their responsibility to water their seeds every day! By the end this will be a good lesson in hard work. They are excited to see when the seeds will start to grow…so much so my daughter kept going out to check on hers…just to see.

How do you get your kids out in nature?

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