Silly Photo Selfies – Kid Activity

This is one of our “go to” fun activities. Through the years we’ve collected quite a bit of dress up stuff and props. There are usually some great options (cheap) at the various dollar stores. I also have found some cute props on sticks at Target/Walmart.

What we do is get it all out and start creating our silly looks. The first couple of times it took time for the kids to warm up. After a few pictures they are always giggling and having a great time. My husband and I like to join in the fun. The kids get a kick out of helping us dress up.

My recommendation is to make sure you can get some family pictures. We’ve been able to use the delay feature on our camera. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a good one. I’m sure you could easily use a selfie stick (if you have one). Or let the kids get behind the camera.

Here are some of our various shots:


Do you have any fun family pictures like this? What’s your best prop?

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