Grief And Loss – What Should Year 2 Look Like?

grief and loss

The first year of grief and loss is typically thought to be the hardest. You learn how to breathe again. You learn how to compartmentalize your life and manage (even mask) your grief. Survival through each milestone, creating a new normal, and learning how to keep going takes all of your energy and focus. So when we hit the first … Read More

7 Things Bereaved Parents Want You To Know

I am part of the Bereaved Parents Club. It’s a club that no one chooses to be a part of. One that, unfortunately, has too many members and continues to grow. My membership tells the world that I somehow survived every parent’s worst nightmare, the death of my child. What I have learned is that bereaved parents have an instant bond. Regardless of … Read More

What Are Good Days After Losing A Child?

Was today a good day? I was recently asked this question by a friend and it completely threw me for a loop. No one has asked this question quite that way before. How are you? That’s what I’ve gotten used to answering. That’s the question that I now have an automatic response for. I had no idea how to respond this … Read More