What Are Good Days After Losing A Child?

Was today a good day? I was recently asked this question by a friend and it completely threw me for a loop. No one has asked this question quite that way before. How are you? That’s what I’ve gotten used to answering. That’s the question that I now have an automatic response for. I had no idea how to respond this … Read More

It’s Been 3 Months Since You Left

This is a hard post to write. The tears flow freely now, before the first sentence is even written. I expect them. This is one of the few times I allow myself time to fully grieve for you, but you know that. I know you are there watching. 3-months is a long time to not see your face. I try … Read More

Parenting After the Loss of a Child

I’ve had so many bereaved parents tell me it was their other children that helped them through. Gave them a reason to get out of bed every day. Helped them move forward and live again. I get it. My girls are the only reason I get out of bed. Though at this stage, I feel as if I’m just existing. Going through … Read More

Overwhelming Thank You

When I wrote the blog post telling our story of losing Cameron, it was cathartic. Taking the video that plays in my mind over and over again and putting it into words (minus some details). It felt good, though I’m completely numb and not sure my emotions have caught up to reality. As people started reading it, I was flooded … Read More