6 Things I’ve Learned About Sibling Grief

loss of a sibling

There aren’t many resources that exist related to sibling grief. This fact has caused me to begin my own research. Who better to ask than those that have experienced this heartbreak first hand. The forgotten grievers themselves. While each has had their own journey, many themes stand out. I am a big believer in the statement, “You don’t know what … Read More

My Grieving Process – No Road Maps or Expectations

What I’ve learned since Cameron died is that most people look to¬†books to help them define life. I can’t tell you how many people sent books, suggested books, or referenced books. Not to offend any of those people, but I made a personal decision that I wasn’t going to read any books. At least not right now. I feel my … Read More

Losing a Child – Our Story

My son went to bed a normal boy. Excited that Santa was on his way. Hopeful that in the morning, he would find everything he wanted under the tree. He would have! I never would have guessed that 2 hours later, when he woke up sick, it would be the start of my worst nightmare. Every waking moment I replay … Read More