If You Are Grieving, Ask For Your Purple Elephant… Go Ahead, Try It!


When you lose a child, death becomes a big part of your life. It sounds morbid, but I promise it isn’t. Grief turns your world upside down. Talking about death used to feel very taboo. Now, it is very commonplace. Normal even. Though my views are a bit non-traditional.

Like each bereaved mother before me, I spent my first year questioning every belief I had. It didn’t take long for me to start receiving signs from Cameron. As part of my process, I tested him. I guess you could say it’s the game we now play. He continues to come through.

Communication looks a little different on this side. It’s not straightforward.

If you follow my Facebook page, yesterday I posted a video. Laura Lynn Jackson, a medium, gave a reading on a TV segment. She talked about communication after death. Her advice to those with her was to ask for a really specific sign, something you wouldn’t normally come across, like a purple elephant. As validation, ask your loved one to send it to you. Then, open yourself up to receive it.

Check out the video here: http://www.fox5ny.com/good-day/290720069-video

It sounds crazy, but it really does work!

Cameron had already done this for me a couple of times.

  1. On Cameron’s 8th birthday (his first on the other side), we sent him balloons. Friends and family all across the US joined us. The night before, I said to my husband, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had 8 balloons found?” Each balloon had a tag attached, including an email address. Over the next couple of months we monitored for responses. Exactly 8 balloons were found and reported. Each had a story associated with it. Cameron’s 8 balloon stories were shared here.
  2. On Cameron’s 9th birthday, I purchased 12 balloons for our annual birthday launch. When a “welcome back” balloon made it into our pile, our balloon number grew to 13. Check out the full story here: Welcome back balloon. The night before, we had 2 balloons that were droopy. There was no way they were going to fly. I said to my husband, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if tomorrow we only had 9 balloons that would fly for his 9th birthday?” Well, Cameron heard me. The next morning, 3 of the balloons were laying on the floor. That gave us 10. Just as we got ready to take them outside, the 4th one followed suit. Fell right to the ground. We sent Cameron 9 balloons for his 9th birthday!

So, let’s get back to this purple elephant!

My husband is a skeptic! He can reason away anything that doesn’t make logical sense. Yet, he is still waiting for Cameron to send him a sign.

On our way to trick-or-treat, I told him about the video. I explained all he needed to do was ask for a purple elephant. The key though? He needed to open himself up to receive it. Not reason it all away. He was very non-committal, so I asked!

I asked Cameron to send me a purple elephant. I knew he would. I just needed to be patient. These things don’t always happen right away. They certainly don’t happen the way you think they will. Yet, they do happen! You just have to be open to seeing it.

At trick-or-treat there were no purple elephants. That was fine with me. He could have too easily written it off as being Halloween.

Last night, it happened! I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. My oldest daughter turned the TV on for my youngest daughter. Paw Patrol became our background noise. As I looked up to tell them dinner was ready, there it was on the screen. My purple elephant!

Thanks, Cameron! I knew it would come. So, I took this picture and sent it to my husband. Maybe if Cameron and I play this game for a while, my husband will start to believe.

Try it! If you haven’t, ask for your own purple elephant (or whatever you want to ask for). Our loved ones are still here. They aren’t hanging out in some far away place “watching over us”. They are right here with us. Give them a chance and they will interact to let you know.

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