One Year Baby Photos & Photo Props

A one year baby photo shoot is a big deal! Mom’s spend tons of time picking out the right outfits, finding the best photo props, and researching poses. I know I did. We have an amazing photographer here in the Orlando market. You can check out Tara’s information below. She always has great ideas and captures the perfect shot. So I’m sharing Sienna’s one year photo shoot.

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Must Have Baby Photos – Photo Prop Ideas

  1. A mirror – What baby doesn’t like to look at them self? Take advantage of their narcissism and get some really cute shots! I had an old mirror that we took along. Since we were sitting out in a grassy area, my older daughter sat behind the mirror to hold it up. We also laid it flat on the ground. Adorable!photo props
  2. Letters (ONE) or Number (1) – I’m sure you’ve seen these photos. Hand the baby the O. Take a shot. Hand the baby a N. Take a shot. Hand the baby the E. Take the shot. Then you put them all together and it spells one. Or you can simplify it with just handing them the number 1.
  3. Balloons – These are cute to add a pop of color in the background. I’ve also seen cute shots where kids are playing with or interacting with the balloons. For our session, we clipped them onto a blanket for part of the back drop. We also attached them to the back of a step stool that she sat on.Photo Props
  4. Siblings – I always loved a couple of sibling shots during these sessions. It’s only so often that you can have professional photos taken. Might as well take full advantage! One of my favorites this time around was of the back of them.
  5. Jewelry – When my oldest daughter turned one, I took one of my necklaces to use as a prop. This time, I took the same necklace to recreate the shot with Sienna. We found a place that provided some good texture for a background (brick wall) and just took some simple shots.Photo Props
  6. Smash Cake – For both of my girls, I bought a small cake at the grocery store. Strip them down to a diaper (or diaper cover) and let them make a mess. These are fun and usually get some cute shots. Sienna wasn’t thrilled with hers so she wasn’t as messy as most. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a much messier version that we did when we celebrated her props

I consider her one year photo shoot a huge success! Thanks to Tara again!

What other photo props have you used?

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