9 Habits Of An Awesome Mom {That’s You!!}

how to be a good mom

Do you consider yourself a good mom? How about an awesome mom? My guess is you should. As moms we spend so much time comparing ourselves to other moms. Regardless of how well we are doing we look for ways to put ourselves down. Our energy is on our own supposed failures. We seem to get caught up in all the negative and miss the signs pointing to our awesome. It’s a bad habit we need to learn to break.

Perfect is unattainable. We can agree on that. Motherhood isn’t about doing everything perfectly. Every mother out there is on her own unique path to her own version of perfect. That level of perfect is defined by her own family and their needs. No two paths are ever the same so it makes no sense to compare them.

Being a good mom is about knowing what is important. Making an effort. Being the best mom we can be. Our kids would define that as being an awesome mom. Let’s start celebrating all the ways we are awesome. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are 9 habits that every awesome mom has in common.

9 Habits Of An Awesome Mom

how to be a good mom

1. You Actually Worry You Are A Bad Mom

Maybe worry isn’t the best word. Let’s say you actually think there are times you are a bad mom. Every good mom has those moments. The fact that you recognize them and think about how they impact your child actually makes you a good mom. Try not to dwell on the bad. Take it as a learning experience and move on.

2. You Express Yourself 

Yes, sometimes you express yourself through anger, frustration, and yelling. However, you make a concerted effort to do that less. What you do make sure to do is tell your child you love them. You use the words “I’m proud of you”. You show affection.

3. You Make Time To Laugh & Have Fun With Them

It is so easy to get caught up in your own busy. However, you make an effort to include them where you can. Let them help you knock something off your list (to them that’s actually fun). Take a few moments to connect with them. Laughing and having fun being the key. They will remember these moments.

4. You Encourage Them

Not only do you take an interest in the things in their life, but you actually encourage them. You try your best to build up their self esteem so they believe they are as amazing as you know they are.

5. You Always Do Your Best

No one is perfect! Your child doesn’t want perfect. They want you exactly as you are. If you are always trying your best, they will notice. To them you are demonstrating awesome!

6. You Put Family First

Life pulls you in so many different directions. It is easy to get caught up in things that aren’t really important in life. Your family is most important. You have your priorities in order and try to always put them first.

7. You’re A Role Model

You demonstrate the characteristics you want your children to have. You teach them right from wrong. Show them how to be a good friend. They see that life is about balancing responsibility with fun. We do it with grace.

8. You Listen

Parents are known for talking TO their kids. What makes you awesome is your ability to not only talk WITH your kids but to also listen! Listening is the first step to understanding. We need a lot of that as parents!

9. You Do Things For You

A happy mom is an awesome mom! You know the value of taking care of yourself. The importance of keeping your own cup full (or as full as it can be) in order to tend to everyone else. That’s how you keep being awesome!

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