My Child Cut Her Hair

I really can’t believe it! My daughter cut her own hair. It was apparently a joint effort. My son helped. I was sitting in the next room tending to the baby. When they left the room, I thought they went into my sons room to play. I was wrong! Next thing I know they both come back proud as ever! They really thought they had done a great thing. They hadn’t. It was a bit of a hack job.

When I first saw her and it sunk in, I quickly tried putting on my “good parenting” hat. I didn’t yell as you may expect. In all honesty I had to hold back a laugh. I think what came out of my mouth was “Oh my god, what did you do? We were trying to grow out your bangs!” We were.

This is the girl that didn’t have hair for the first half of her life. We were FINALLY at the point where it was all one length. Her bangs were at the point we could start pinning them back to be able to grow them out. It was so good. It had taken almost 2 years! But in in a matter of seconds, it was snipped away.

The other unfortunate part. We were planning to take some family pictures. I’m pretty sure stuff like this always happens just before pictures are planned.

So I’m trying to be a good parent. Not yell and lose my mind. I mean really, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just hair! I’m really more frustrated and annoyed than mad.

The second I asked what they had done, their smiles faded. My son started apologizing, “I’m so sorry Mom! I didn’t know.” He looked like he was ready to cry. She went from being excited about her new cut to immediately hating it! Blamed her brother completely. Started pouting and got angry. They both felt so bad and were so upset over it that I really didn’t have to punish them.

When I got a better look, I again had to hold back my laugh. She seriously looked like Joe Dirt! My daughter had given herself a mullet. Ugh!

I was the one depressed when I looked at the bathroom floor. The amount of hair that lay there was heartbreaking. I’m talking 4 inch long strands. Two years of our hard work. Gone.

My hairdresser was able to help “fix” it. She removed some of the mullet look. The rest will take time.

I have to say I was proud of myself for not just freaking out!

Now to survive the growing out phase…again! Help us.

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