Yes I Do Have a Favorite Child

It’s the age old question of who is the favorite? If asked, any parent (good parent anyways) will tell you they don’t have a favorite. They love you all the same. I’m here to tell you they do have a favorite, and love has nothing to do with it!

My sister and I have always had this battle. Still do…though it’s in jest now versus when we were younger. She will say Mom decided to have a second child to get perfection. I still stand by my argument that I was so perfect she decided she wanted another…then quickly realized she was wrong and didn’t have any more. So we know I’m the favorite. Period.

Now that we are both moms, we get it. And it’s not about loving one more or less at all.

In a day, each child has moments where they are my favorite. Cameron holding the baby to keep her happy so I can make dinner. Or asking to read Melia a bed time story. Sienna falling asleep in my arms, looking so peaceful. Even just the days she actually can fall asleep and nap! Melia is such a big helper: cleaning, cooking, or helping with the baby.

They also have moments where they are NOT my favorite! Those moments typically involve whining, fighting, and generally not listening. It doesn’t mean I love them any less. However, I must admit that right now the baby has an edge in the favorite scale. That will fade as she gets older though and can begin to join in the chaos.

All I’m saying is each child takes their place as my favorite child multiple times throughout a day. More favorites in the moment. Regardless of their place on the list at any given time, they are all on the list of my very favorite people! I make sure to tell them that often.

Will you admit you have a favorite?

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