Why I Hate Bedtime

It seems impossible to believe that any parent would say they hate bedtime. Believe it because I just did! I hate it with a passion. Not so much the kids going bed and me getting some quiet time…more the process we go through to get there. I feel bad saying that. It’s supposed to be some quiet time with each child to end the day. Well, it’s not!

I’m not sure how bedtime works at your house. Here it is chaotic. It drags on…and on and on! Just when you think you’re done, you’re doing it again…and again and again!

It seems like it should be so easy. My kids like to sleep in their underwear. It makes getting dressed (or rather undressed) for bed really simple. Everyone go potty! Should be easy, even with the reminders to flush and then wash hands. Get your beds ready. Again, this should be simple. Get your blankets/stuffed animals, whatever you are sleeping with. Climb in bed. Again…so simple!

Not simple!

My daughter wants to read a book…or two or three. Most nights we aren’t getting into bed until at least an hour after we should be. It’s not the time I want to read…though I try to balance the yes with the no. Then hugs and kisses and we say good night.

My son’s turn! He always wants to watch a DVD on his DVD player. To be honest, when it’s not a school night we usually let him. Hugs and kisses. He is told when the movie is over he stays in bed and goes to sleep. Done. We say good night.

Why is this so bad? So hated? So painful? It doesn’t end here!

Moments after I leave their room (sometimes even before I leave their room). Someone wants a sip of water. One of them is hungry and wants a slice of cheese. Then the other one catches on and is suddenly hungry too. Oh wait mom…I have to tell you something. Then they struggle to come up with something to tell me so they can stall. When I finally get out of their room, they come out to tell me something else. I’m too hot. I’m too cold. I’m scared. I am not tired enough to fall asleep. Many nights, it’s all of the above, and each one gets it’s own separate trip out of their room to share. The most annoying? Can you come back in and cover me up? I just covered you up!!

Honestly, it takes forever for my kids to go to bed at night! Most nights it is 9-10 before they stop coming in. Stop yelling for me to come to their room. Ugh! Now that we have a new baby (who doesn’t fall asleep well right now) it is even worse. I dread it!

My best remedy so far is to put them in the pool after dinner. Let them swim out all of their energy. Try and make them as tired as possible before bed. Regardless, I still hate the process. I dream of the day my kids put themselves to bed. Then at the same time I know when that happens I will be sad. So in the meantime, I try my best not to hate bedtime. I’m not very good at it!

How do you keep your kids in their beds at night and get them to fall asleep quickly? Help!

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