Infomercials Invade Your Brain

Infomercials and “As Seen on TV” product commercials have a way of sucking you in. Making you believe you need the product they are selling. Put a kid in front of the TV and they become a walking advertisement! At least mine does.

Since my son was really young (maybe 2-3) he has had an obsession with infomercials. Can recite them practically word for word back to me. Always trying to sell whatever it is, thinking it’s the greatest thing and we must have it!

He had my daughter convinced she needed Hot Stamps for her birthday. They are these glitter stamps for your hair. He told us it would make her “normal hair” so beautiful. All we have to do is stamp it in on and it will stay even if you touch it. Then when you want it out, you just comb her hair and it comes right out.

Then there is the Power Flosser. It would be just perfect for him and help him floss better (because he flosses now). You just fill it with water or your own mouthwash and squirt it between your teeth. It’s so easy! And it’s only $14.95. That’s good, right? I really want to try it! Can we get one?

Then today I got this sales pitch:

Cameron (age 6): “Mom, I was thinking about something. We should really plan a little vacation away from home. I don’t know…maybe like a water park or something. Oh, I know just the one! Great Wolf Lodge. Did you know their rooms are like a log cabin? Wouldn’t it be cool to stay in a log cabin?”

He even has my daughter following in his footsteps. Did you know Snackeez won’t spill?

I swear the only thing these marketing companies need to figure out is how to get the kids to ask for our credit card number. I’m thankful he hasn’t discovered the Home Shopping Network! That and that you must be 18 to order!

Maybe he has a future as the next Billy Mays?

Are your kids brains filled with infomercial products?

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