Room Cleaning – Make It A Game

If your kids are anything like mine, they make messes. Big ones! My daughter is famous for it. She is also the worst when it comes to cleaning them up. Just ask her to go in and clean her room and she will have a major meltdown! Whining, crying, refusing!

The fight is on. She is so stubborn! My husband likes to send her in and tells her not to come out until she’s done. She will literally be in there hours! Most of her time is spent playing and making a bigger mess (of course!). Anything to stall. Multiple times she will come out and ask if I can help her. That’s Melia speak for “do it for her”. Then ends up falling asleep in the middle of the mess every time.

What I’ve found is that if I go in and help break it down for her, make a game out of it, the process moves much faster. Everyone is much happier. If I don’t, the worst happens and she will literally fall asleep in the middle of her mess. Even with just 10 minutes of sleep, bed time becomes a nightmare.

To save our sanity I will say, “Let’s see how fast you can pick up your puzzles”. She is usually slow to join in. After a few minutes of refusing, she will play along. I time her with my phone.

Then it’s, “How many of your dirty clothes can you throw into your hamper?” Or, “Catch your books and put them on the shelf as I slide them to you”. Anything to make it fun.

After a short time we start to make good progress. Her attitude changes. That’s when she will tell me to leave her room because she can do the rest by herself. And she is so proud when she finishes. Score! Win for mom.

How do you get your kids to clean their rooms?

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