So Much Noise!

My husband often tells me he wants noise canceling headphones. He swears they would be the perfect gift for Christmas/Father’s Day/Birthday…ANYTHING! I always laugh it off. Like it’s a joke. I know it’s not.

Our kids are loud! They fight, whine, cry, and tattle all day long. They also laugh, sing, and talk. Believe me they can talk! I’m pretty sure they like the sound of their own voices. This is all well and good until it becomes too much. And there are certainly times it is too much!

My husband really shouldn’t complain. They got his loud gene. I’m not sure he would admit that. Unfortunately, there can be no noise canceling headphones in this house. I’m afraid he’d never take them off!

Usually at some point every day I wonder what it’s like to have a moment of quiet. How do other parents do it? I have seen countless “calming bottles” and quiet books/boxes on Pinterest. No offense to those parents, but yeah right! They would never work with my kids. It would just be one more thing to hit each other with, snatch, fight over, and cry about.

Maybe I need to follow through on what we always threaten. I’m going to have to send them outside to play and lock the door behind them. That does sound appealing. Right?!

For now when I need a moment of peace, I will just have to put on those imaginary noise canceling headphones and close my eyes. Ahhh, Peace?!

How do you get a moment of quiet?

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