Addison’s Starfish Adventure – Kids Book Review

Mike Mooney is a self published children’s author (and illustrator). When we first met, Mike told me about his latest book, Addison’s Starfish Adventure. It follows Addison as she hunts for starfish at the beach. My kids love reading and so doing a book review is something we enjoy!

Addisons Starfish Adventure

We received this book just before Christmas. If you’ve been following along on the blog you understand why this review is a bit delayed being published. Both Cameron and Melia were excited when it came in the mail! The  pictures were so colorful they really grabbed their attention. Add in Addison’s crazy, green hair and they were giggling.

This book was read a few times in that first week alone. It was simple enough that Cameron could read it on his own. He enjoyed the facts that were included about starfish. Our favorite part though were the activities in the back. There is a blank space to draw your own starfish. Some dot-to-dot activities (that of course they fought over). Try going back through the book to count all the starfish you can find! Pretty sure we had a different number each time.

Melia’s favorite part? The challenge to draw your own starfish and share it on the book’s Facebook page! She thought it was so cool that her starfish would be part of the “biggest collection of starfish”. Melia LOVES to decorate stars. I have a star bowl that she traces and then cuts out. Decorations include anything from coloring, stickers, glitter, googly eyes…anything goes! Here are her creations:

Starfish Creations

This is a cute book and you can tell it was a labor of love. Our next trip to the beach will include a starfish hunt. Hopefully the special dance we learned will come in handy and help us find one.

Addison’s Starfish Adventure can be purchased through Amazon. Check it out! The paperback version is listed as $9.99 or you can purchase the Kindle version for just 99 cents! So you are aware, this is not an affiliate link. I do not make any money from the purchase of this book. Just sharing our experience and thoughts.

This was a fun addition to our library!

starfish adventure

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