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I’m sure you’ve heard about I See Me! books. Go to their website, you will find over 100 different children’s books that can be customized to your child. The idea is to encourage reading, which I love! In some books, letter and name recognition is the focus. In others, the hero of the story has the same name or likeness as your child. Regardless of the theme you choose, they are adorable!

Melia chose the fairy book: My Very Own Fair Tale. Included was a personalized story book, a custom coloring book, and a pink fairy wand. In the story, fairies come together to choose a special girl to crown as a princess. Each fairy takes turns bringing a letter forward that will eventually spell out the name of the girl they have chosen. Along with the letter is a word to describe her (like M for magnificent). Our book includes Melia’s first and last name. You can choose to include any/all names.


Our book is very colorful and has over 50 beautiful fairies (names and descriptions included). On the inside cover is a custom dedication. You should have seen her face when she opened it up and saw a photo of herself! Printed under is her name. There is also a personalized inscription (including her birth date) letting her know she is loved. Knowing Melia, I’m pretty sure her favorite part was the fairy wand. It has already escorted us many places in the short time we’ve had it.

i see me

I See Me! offers books for all ages. They are even expanding their line outside of just books. There really are some great personalized gifts. They offer puzzles, story boards,  ornaments, coloring books, placemats, stickers, growth charts, and so much more! You can even buy a gift certificate. Each book can be viewed in it’s entirety virtually before you order.

Where to Find Them:

You can go directly to their website: I See Me! Books

Cost: The pricing varies based on the theme you choose (typically starting at $29.99). There are MANY different options available.

Disclaimer: I See Me! provided the personalized My Very Own Fairy Tale Storybook in exchange for a  review. All opinions included in the review are strictly my own based on our experience with it!

I See Me!

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