Piperoos – Baby Changing Pads – Product Review

Piperoos baby changing pads are adorable! When they contacted me to write a review, I was really excited to try them out. This is a product I wish I had known about when Sienna was first born. We always seem to be changing her on our bed. Let’s just say if we had been using these all along, I would have done a lot less laundry this last year from one to many diaper changing oops.


They say when you have baby #3, you just don’t care anymore. Everything is hand-me-down. You only buy the bare minimum. I have to say I do agree. Poor Sienna. She was the first baby that I didn’t buy one of those contoured changing table pads for. Her changing table just has the standard, flat, thin pad. When I change her on it, I was just using the standard plastic cover that came out of the diaper bag. Definitely no frills there. Otherwise, I change her on my bed and take a chance.

These changing pads are the perfect size to lay out on your changing table at home or fold up in your diaper bag to use on the go. Let’s just say we’ve upgraded and I wouldn’t ever go back. They are so soft! It’s a bonus that they even double as a burp cloth.

Each package includes 3 flannel baby changing pads. The prints/colors are super cute. On the underside, each one is an ivory color (so reversible). Picture a double layer of really thick, soft flannel. To be honest, I was surprised at just how nice they felt. I wasn’t expecting them to be so thick. The photos below are their website photos. They capture the product so much better than any I attempted to take.


Piperoos is a small start-up company based in Los Angeles. They are very environmentally conscious. Everything is made locally with 100% organic cotton. Even their packaging is made with recycled cardboard. This is their first baby product to hit the market. So if you are looking for a company that has your baby’s safety in mind, this is it.

Where: You can check out their website for purchase information.

Cost: A 3-pack of changing pads is listed as $26.99.

Disclaimer: Piperoos provided the baby changing pads in exchange for a review. All opinions included in the review are strictly my own based on our experience with the product!


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