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It seems every Mom out there can use an extra pair of hands. Juggling kids, a diaper bag, a purse, keys, a cell phone, and the numerous other things that I am asked to keep track of when we are out is chaotic. It never fails the things we need fall to the bottom of the bag. If we keep them out and convenient, they get left behind (like my cell phone).

When I bought a stroller this time around, I went cheap. We live in the country. It takes a beating and is always filthy from the dirt road. My only request? The best top storage I could get. My main goal was to hold my keys and cell phone when we are out. However, once we load it up with our bottles and other drinks, my cell phone typically gets loses out and I end up needing to carrying it.

When I received the Tigra MountCase, I was excited to have a dedicated place for my phone! I always know where it is. The phone is now usable. We can listen to music (Melia’s favorite), make a phone call, and send a text with the touch of a finger.

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Initially when I opened the packaging, I found a phone case, a rain guard, and a the adjustable strap that holds the phone in place. From what I’ve learned, these were designed to work for biking (music, phone, and maps from your handle bars). Breaking into the world of strollers and shopping carts is their latest focus, which I love.

So let’s talk pros & cons. A review needs to be well rounded, right?

What We Love – The Pro’s

  1. The ability to be hands free! In today’s world it seems our phones are glued to our hands. Now, my phone is only a reach away, and I have freedom to use both hands to manage the kids and errands.
  2. The adjustable strap is so easy to use. Works on any stroller, shopping cart, or bike. Takes 2 seconds to attach or remove. Simply twist and click it into place.
  3. The phone case offers good protection to my phone. Believe me, I have dropped it several times. It’s a light, smooth, rubberized case. Really slim with access to all phone ports (purchase for the type of phone you have).
  4. There is a rain guard (waterproof case). This is a “nice to have”. How many times have you been out and it starts raining?

What Could Be Better – The Con’s

  1. It is a bit cumbersome to switch from your own phone case to theirs all the time. What I did was stop using mine. The downside? You lose the personalization of your own case. In addition, theirs has a notch in the back where it attaches to the strap. Not necessarily a big deal, but one to consider.
  2. The buttons on their case are a little harder to use. They require a bit more pressure to turn off/on or control the volume.
  3. I don’t really use the rain guard. While it is a “nice to have”, it’s a bit cumbersome to put on and off all the time.

Where To Find It:

You can go directly to their website: Bike2Power Stroller Mount Cases

Cost: $29.95

Disclaimer: Bike2Power provided the Tigra MountCase in exchange for a product review. All opinions included in the review are strictly my own based on our experience with it!

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