The Advice I Wish I Got After My Son Died

when my son died

When my son died, I received a lot of advice. I found people do not know what to say. They default to the things they have been conditioned to say during these times. It came from many different sources, most of which had never lost a child. The advice came from good intentions, but it was hollow. Not at all … Read More

How To Be In The Moment In The Age Of Technology

Be in the moment. A goal for most parents. Seemingly unattainable at times, but a goal nonetheless. This phrase is constantly being offered up as advice. Remove all distractions and slow down. Live your life in the present moment. Take it all in. As a society we are obsessed with cell phones and technology. Regardless of where we are, our … Read More

Best Parenting Advice

Get ready to write this down…or ate least commit it to memory. I know I repeat it to myself all the time. It helps me to remember my role. So what’s the best parenting advice I’ve ever received? If it’s easy, you aren’t doing it right! I remember this every time I want to go back on something I said … Read More