New Normal Has New Rules

Society has always been in the driver seat when it came to making decisions in my life. Growing up you don’t cry, whine, and misbehave. After all, it’s not acceptable behavior. You go to school and get good grades. College is next on the list, and you must choose something sensible to study. Living on my own should have been … Read More

You Are Not A Failure & How To Stop Feeling Like One

Lately I’ve had a lot of moments where I feel like I’m a failure. Maybe failure is too strong a word. More like moments of extreme stress and frustration. It has made me feel like I’m struggling to keep up. Unable to get anything done. Swirling in a chaos I can’t control. Feeling like a failure. We all know the … Read More

Expectations Are Crap! Find Your Happy

Expectations seem to start the moment you are born. You’re expected to meet milestones. Smile. Roll. Crawl. Walk. Eat and drink on your own. The list goes on. These expectations continue to follow you through school. Good grades. Good behavior. Participate. Learn. Grow. Then the big one, move out. This means you are expected to either get a job or … Read More

The Diagnosis, Expectations, and Disney World

So you’re probably wondering what these three things could possibly have in common. I’m beginning to think it marks the end of my confidence as a mother. It sounds so dramatic, but in the moment it is how I’ve felt. A couple of weeks ago, we got the call. It was the dreaded call from the doctor’s office that we … Read More