What Is Better than Flowers? Food For Sick & Bereavement Gifts

Recipes to take to bereaved families.

Bereavement gifts are never an easy thing. People automatically default to flowers. While the flowers were beautiful, I have to say during the loss of our child, food by far made the biggest impact to our days. It was the most helpful thing we received. We ended up with a freezer stocked full of meals. There was no prep work … Read More

Easy Freezer Meal Lineup – Tested & Loved

A couple of weeks ago, IĀ told you how freezer meals changed my life. Those that have tried them, agreed. Those that hadn’t were curious and slightly skeptical. There was a concern that it would take too much organization (it doesn’t take any!!). There was also the hurdle of figuring out what recipes to try. We’ve been working to build our … Read More

How Crockpot Freezer Meals Changed My Life

Freezer meals have long flooded my Pinterest feed. I’ve heard so many people talk aboutĀ them. It wasn’t until someone made them for us that I realized just what I had been missing. Crockpot cooking has forever been changed for me. Now I’m going to tell you why you need freezer meals in your life! Trust me. I have never enjoyed … Read More