The Best Friend I Never Met

bereaved mother bond

I never expected to bond with a woman I never met. The entire idea seems a little crazy. However, if there is one thing I’ve learned on this grief journey it is that nothing is crazy! In the worst moments of your life, you always imagine family and friends will be the ones to lift you up. After all, they know … Read More

How To Be A Better Friend

How to be a better friend

Friends fill a vital role when it comes to quality of life. We confide in them. Vent our frustrations. Bond over our common struggles. They are the backbone to our sanity. A necessity for our happiness. These are the reasons so many moms are constantly seeking their tribe. A genuine circle of friends bound to each other through life. We crave that … Read More

The Momfession Challenge

Momfession. Confessions about the way you do motherhood. The things you typically don’t share for fear of being judged. Things that if we did share, and didn’t judge each other for, could have the power to create beautifully bonding moments between mothers. One of my closest friendships was founded on this principle. We like to say my son, Cameron, brought us together. … Read More