What Jackson Pollock Taught Me About Grief and Life

Sharing our loss experiences can have such a profound impact. You never know when the one seemingly small thing you have to share is exactly what someone else out there needs to hear. Heal a Grieving Heart was born from this idea. It provides a platform for other grieving parents to share their stories, connect, and help others. Please help me … Read More

When Death Brings Gratitude

healing grief

Drowning in a sea of overwhelming grief is not where I expected to find gratitude. Yet there it was attempting to throw me a life line. I would have grasped at anything regardless of how out of place it seemed. Gratitude in grief? That is just crazy nonsense! When you lose a child, there is no way to explain the feeling … Read More

Healing Grief Through Medium Readings

I have always believed in mediums. People with the ability to talk to the dead. Call me crazy if you like. Before Cameron died last December, I never had a reason to test those beliefs. It’s all I’ve done these last 9 months…test. There is not a person in this world that can shake my belief now! Let me start by … Read More