8 Halloween Scavenger Hunt Riddles with Printables

My kids love a good scavenger hunt! Here is one with a Halloween twist. These 8 Halloween scavenger hunt riddles will provide lots of fun while they hunt for a prize.

For the scavenger hunt to be a success, you just need to download the printables. There are 8 Halloween Scavenger Hunt cards. Just print, cut, and hide. The Halloween Scavenger Hunt Directions will provide step-by-step instructions on where to hide each numbered card.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Card

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Card

To play the game, you will simply give card #1 to the kids. Let them read the clue. Then the hunt begins to find clue #2. In that location they will find a clue that will send them to the next card. It continues until they find clue #8. In this final location you will have a prize hidden.

For the prize at the end of the game you can get creative. It could be a pumpkin for them to carve. Or you could go more traditional and have a special treat (cupcakes or a candy apple). Use your imagination.

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Happy Halloween!

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