Back To School Tips – School Clothes Organization

School mornings are hectic. I’m always looking for ways to save time and make the morning run as smooth as possible. Here is a great organization, back to school tip to making picking out school clothes a breeze.

Last year we were really good about laying out school clothes the night before. It was part of our bedtime routine and a great time saver in the morning as the clothing battle was already complete. This tip takes it up a notch. Why not lay out the entire week’s worth of clothes on the weekend?

Organize School Clothes


This is a tip I picked up from my sister. Buy a hanging clothing organizer (or sweater organizer) for each child’s closet. Label each slot with a day of the week. I used note cards and bobby pins to clip them on the side. Then let your child take lead on choosing their school clothes and filling up each slot before the week begins.

This makes the morning routine simple. Your child knows exactly where to find their outfit for the day. It’s one they picked out (with or without approval), and there is no arguing! At least none related to school clothes.

What other time saving tips do you have for your school routine?

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2 Comments on “Back To School Tips – School Clothes Organization”

  1. I used to use one of those for my kids’ closets. I would plan out their outfits for the week and place them on the shelves. We’ve moved twice since then, and I have no idea what happend to those closet organizers. They are probably still in a box somewhere.

    1. My daughter is so excited…so far anyways. Hoping it lasts. I’m also hoping it really helps us streamline our bedtime routine (not having to stall bedtime any later because we forgot to lay out clothes for tomorrow). 😉

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