Our First Geocaching Family Adventure

Have you ever been geocaching? It’s a real-life treasure hunting game using GPS devices (or an app on your smart phone). Basically, you are given GPS coordinates to find a “cache” or box that has been hidden somewhere out in nature. It becomes a game to see if you can find it, and how many caches you can find.

Today was the perfect day to get outside and get some fresh air! The Florida weather has finally cooled off a bit. I was sick this last week and starting to feel a little more normal. The girls were dying to get out of the house. So we decided to surprise them with a treasure hunt. Write our own family adventure. What kid doesn’t dream about a real life treasure hunt?!


Since this was our first time, I did some research. I wanted to find an easy hike, easy terrain, and a cache with an actual treasure (this is how they are all ranked on geocaching.com). I couldn’t believe there were 308 caches within 10 miles from my house! So I picked one in an area we hadn’t been to before, Crooked River Preserve. Off we went to figure it all out.

Our first stop? Of course to pick up fun beverages to keep us hydrated. Melia got to pick what she wanted. Typical girl, she chose purple Fruit Shoot that matched her shirt! She loves the little colored bottles of juice. We picked out Strawberry Raspberry, Berry Burst, and Apple. I love that these have a pop up top that doesn’t spill when a baby grabs a hold of it. We filled up the cooler and continued on our adventure.

As first timers, we had no idea what we were doing. We plugged the coordinates into my phone and followed them to a park area. According to the cache instructions, it was only 15-20 feet off a hiking trail. It didn’t take us long to figure out we were on the wrong side of the river. (Thanks, Google). Since this is Florida, there was no chance we were wading in so we piled back into the car to drive around to the correct side of the water.

This time we ended up at the Crooked River Preserve (yay!). The trails were well marked. We had to use the compass settings inside the Geocaching app I had installed to guide us. It was about a half mile hike on winding, sandy trails. When our compass told us we were in the right place, we began our search.

Under piles of leaves, behind trees, up in branches, and anywhere else we could think of. This one blended in so well! It took us a little while but we found it! Inside was a log to date, sign, and record our find. This cache was pretty depleted. Usually you can trade little items/toys/trinkets. There was only a small container of bubbles inside. We left those and added our pen as there was no writing utensil. Then we closed it back up and returned it to it’s hiding spot.

family adventure

Online we logged our first find. This is just the start of more geocaching adventures for us. We had so much fun. No longer will we just read about finding treasure in a book!

Fruit Shoot Supports Literacy & Family Adventure

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family adventure

Starting November 10 (2016) through April 30 (2017) a portion of every Fruit Shoot purchase at Pizza Hut will be given to First Book to support literacy and help get new books and education resources into the hands of schools and programs in need.

Who is up for a pizza party?!

5 Comments on “Our First Geocaching Family Adventure”

    1. It’s a great family activity! Free (or low cost if you buy things to trade) plus it gets you out and moving. 🙂

  1. What app did you use for this? I’m very curious about this and looks like a really fun time for entire family!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Go to http://www.geocaching.com and you can create an account. The app we used is their app. What we discovered was any cache that is listed as 1.5 or less for both difficulty & terrain is available for free on the app. To get to the bigger/tougher finds, you have to pay for access. It was like $30/year. We have not upgraded. The one we did was free. We had so much fun with it.

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