Fun Outdoor Activity – Windy Days

I’m always trying to get creative to find ways to get my kids to play outside and be more active. Video games and TV are far too addicting! This particular idea we stumbled upon.

You know those bags of air that come in the box when you order something online? My kids love popping them. I was cleaning out the garage and found some in a couple of boxes. It was a really windy day. The kids carried them outside the garage door and the fun began.

Shipping Bags of Air

Shipping Bags of Air – Just Playing House

One was dropped. The wind picked it up and started carrying it away. The kids immediately started giggling and ran after it. This turned into a game of “let’s throw all the bags in the air and then chase after and catch them”. It provided a good hour of entertainment!

Catch that Bag - Just Playing House

Catch that Bag – Just Playing House

For those of you that don’t have any of the shipping bags at home, you can easily make some! Just take a few ziplock bags and blow them up. Works the same way and let’s us recreate the fun anytime we want!

My only tip – make sure you are in an area where kids can run and won’t get hit by cars or end up in the road!

What have you stumbled on that provided outside entertainment for your kids?

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