We Need a Vocabulary Lesson

They joke that kids don’t listen until mom turns into a raving lunatic. At my house, that’s no joke! My kids do not listen until I’m screaming and flailing my arms. Even then it doesn’t guarantee that they will do as they are told right away. In a recent fit of madness it dawned on me. I’m not really sure … Read More

Road Rage 101 For Kids

I like to try and plan 1-on-1 time with each of my kids when I can. While we have annual passes at Disney, our nights usually involve a trip to Magic Kingdom. We always have fun riding the rides they want, getting fun snacks, and staying out really late! This particular night was with my 6-year old son, Cameron. We … Read More

Outside Play Ideas – Part 2 – Dirt

My quest continues! Getting my kids to play outside. They apparently need help figuring out what to do. So here is part 2. I am continuing with the basics. This list will feature all of the things they can do while playing in the dirt. Because kids love dirt right?! Parents, get ready to do laundry! 5 Fun Things Kids Can … Read More

Mom Moment #4

My son is so excited to watch the meteor shower tonight. Wants to wish on a star. His first wish? That he will be nice. Really?! You have to wish for yourself to be nice?

Mom Moment #3

They say the days are long and the years are short when raising kids. If my day was so long, how did I get nothing accomplished?!

Karma is a Bitch…So Was I

I’m learning this all too well these days. Apparently I deserve it. I have never considered myself very judgmental. Maybe this slap on the hand will fix me?! What am I referring to? Babies! When I had my first child (6 years ago), all of my friends were having their first baby at the same time. It was amazing having that … Read More

So I’m Raising an Axe Murderer…or Two

Unlike Mike Meyer’s character, I didn’t marry one…I suspect I am raising two. OK so that statement is a bit dramatic (just a bit). I used to think my kids were so sweet and caring. Then we brought home the baby. Don’t get me wrong, they are the best big brother and sister ever…mostly. There’s just this one thing that … Read More

Outside Play Ideas – Part 1 – Balls

I’m on a quest! The elusive item I am seeking? Something that will make my kids love playing outside! Make that building their ability to play independently outside. It seems this is a skill my kids have never learned. We seem to always have battles in this house convincing my kids to play outside. They get out there and they … Read More

My Kids Hate Clothes!

It seems 3 is the magical age. When kids suddenly hate wearing clothes. At least it was for mine. When my oldest son (now 6) turned 3, he started sleeping in just his underwear at night. I’m not sure what the fascination was, but he gave up wearing pajamas (I apologize now to his future wife…I’ll try to fix it). In the … Read More

Mom Moment #2

My daughter told me she likes the new baby so well that we should buy another one.