Gender Roles are Alive and Well

Tonight it became very apparent to me that some things are just not taught. It was bed time. I was tucking in Melia, and she wanted to read a book. She asked me if I would go get “the book with that pair of boots in it that I like”. I had no idea what book she was talking about … Read More

So Much Noise!

My husband often tells me he wants noise canceling headphones. He swears they would be the perfect gift for Christmas/Father’s Day/Birthday…ANYTHING! I always laugh it off. Like it’s a joke. I know it’s not. Our kids are loud! They fight, whine, cry, and tattle all day long. They also laugh, sing, and talk. Believe me they can talk! I’m pretty … Read More

Holiday Disappointments

I have a tendency of setting high expectations. What I’ve found is I’m usually the one disappointed. This particularly pertains to holidays. Fourth of July being at the top of the list! Last year, I had big ideas that we were going to find a good festival in town. Enjoy some music. Play in their Kids Zone. Eat a funnel … Read More

At Home Movie Theater Night – Kid Activity

This is the perfect rainy day activity! Instead of just popping in a movie, we recreate a trip to the movie theater with our own movie theater night. The kids LOVE it. To make it very official, they each get their own bag of money. I give even amounts of each coin. They will need it to pay for their … Read More

What’s up with Mom Support Boards?

Like a lot of expecting or new moms, I frequent momĀ support boards for advice. This is my third baby. With each pregnancy I would find myself spending hours reading posts from other moms in their “birth club” rooms. In theory it’s a great idea! First time moms asking their “dumb” questions. Women bonding over pregnancy woes. Then there are the … Read More

Imperfection is the New Perfection

We are all guilty. Showing the world only what we want them to see. Sending the message that we have it all together, that life is perfect. Let’s be real. Parenting is hard. It’s certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever done! Regardless, I fall victim to feeling the pressure of doing it “the right way”. Following the protocols set forth … Read More