Room Cleaning – Make It A Game

If your kids are anything like mine, they make messes. Big ones! My daughter is famous for it. She is also the worst when it comes to cleaning them up. Just ask her to go in and clean her room and she will have a major meltdown! Whining, crying, refusing! The fight is on. She is so stubborn! My husband likes to … Read More

Why Parents Time Out is Necessary

There are days as a parent when you want to pull your hair out. Feeling like you just can’t take another minute. I know it’s hard to believe! The kids just won’t stop screaming. Constant fighting. Incessant whining. And the tattling! It’s all enough to make me lose my mind. It’s so easy to join in. Scream back at them. Add … Read More

Kid Gardening Project

As always, we are on the search for new things to do outside! For some reason it’s like torture to just go outside and play. So why not do a little gardening? This project ended up being pretty simple. Their grand parents sent them some seed packets and little planters. Our job was to get the seeds started so we … Read More

Why I Hate My Husband at 3 AM

It’s 3 AM (or any other time in the middle of the night). The baby starts crying. She is awake for a bottle. I lay there for just a second to let my body get used to the idea that I’m about to wake up and climb out of a comfy bed. Ugh! The baby is still in our room … Read More

Birthday Party Overdose

When I think back to any birthday party I had as a kid, I remember small affairs with the family. Mom would make a cake. Everyone would come over for pizza, sing happy birthday, eat some cake, and go home. As I got older it was typically a slumber party with 5-6 of my friends. Nothing fancy. What ever happened to simple? … Read More

How Belly Sleeping Saved Me

They all say don’t do it. Don’t even think about doing it. Next to formula feeding (which I do by the way), it’s the single worst thing you can do as a mom! Why would you risk letting your baby sleep on their belly? Well I not only thought about it. I did it! And I liked it!!! It seriously saved … Read More

Embracing the Inadequacies of Motherhood

All through my last pregnancy, I imagined what it would be like going from 2 kids to 3. Would both kids transition well? How would we handle being outnumbered? Ultimately I wondered how we would adjust back to a normal existence. Well, this week I’m getting my answer. It’s our first week really on our own. Both kids have been … Read More

What Have I Done?!

What have I gotten done today? I ask this question a lot lately! Well, this pretty much sums it up… Apparently NOT MUCH! How do you get stuff done?

Fun Outdoor Activity – Windy Days

I’m always trying to get creative to find ways to get my kids to play outside and be more active. Video games and TV are far too addicting! This particular idea we stumbled upon. You know those bags of air that come in the box when you order something online? My kids love popping them. I was cleaning out the … Read More

Pretty Sure #3 Has Made Me a Lousy Mom

I’m a lousy mom right now! So it’s probably not true…probably. It sure feels pretty spot on right now though. As I sit here 2-weeks postpartum, I can’t help but feel like I have turned into a horrible mother. At least for my first two kids. I’m still really sore from my c-section. Alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen all day…trying anyways. In my lingering pregnancy … Read More