Infomercials Invade Your Brain

Infomercials and “As Seen on TV” product commercials have a way of sucking you in. Making you believe you need the product they are selling. Put a kid in front of the TV and they become a walking advertisement! At least mine does. Since my son was really young (maybe 2-3) he has had an obsession with infomercials. Can recite them … Read More

Silly Photo Selfies – Kid Activity

This is one of our “go to” fun activities. Through the years we’ve collected quite a bit of dress up stuff and props. There are usually some great options (cheap) at the various dollar stores. I also have found some cute props on sticks at Target/Walmart. What we do is get it all out and start creating our silly looks. The first … Read More

Yes I Do Have a Favorite Child

It’s the age old question of who is the favorite? If asked, any parent (good parent anyways) will tell you they don’t have a favorite. They love you all the same. I’m here to tell you they do have a favorite, and love has nothing to do with it! My sister and I have always had this battle. Still do…though it’s in … Read More

How Inappropriate…But So Funny

I’m pretty sure I just heard my daughter sing the words “I’m feeling sexy and free”. Yep, I did! She just turned 4. Awesome. *Facepalm* I love listening to my kids sing songs on the radio. Most of the time they have no idea what the actual words are so they just make things up. It can be quite comical. … Read More

Creating Special Days

When my first son was born, we spent so much 1-on-1 time with him (obviously). We knew his likes and dislikes. As our family grew and my daughter came along, we spent more time as a family. She adopted the same likes and dislike…or they were thrust upon her as she didn’t know any thing else. Regardless, I got this feeling that … Read More


My son thinks the 1980’s was a long time ago. I told him I was born in 1980. He replied, “Really? And Grandma is still alive?”

Why I Hate Bedtime

It seems impossible to believe that any parent would say they hate bedtime. Believe it because I just did! I hate it with a passion. Not so much the kids going bed and me getting some quiet time…more the process we go through to get there. I feel bad saying that. It’s supposed to be some quiet time with each … Read More

Best Parenting Advice

Get ready to write this down…or ate least commit it to memory. I know I repeat it to myself all the time. It helps me to remember my role. So what’s the best parenting advice I’ve ever received? If it’s easy, you aren’t doing it right! I remember this every time I want to go back on something I said … Read More

Why Daddy Needs his Toes Painted

My daughter is 3. She loves all things girly: princesses, dresses, shoes. Then there is the infatuation with makeup (a little bit for play), my lotions and perfumes, and nail polish. All the things you would expect a girl to be in to. Melia has an older brother. Because of that, she is also a tomboy! She likes to play outside and … Read More

My Child Cut Her Hair

I really can’t believe it! My daughter cut her own hair. It was apparently a joint effort. My son helped. I was sitting in the next room tending to the baby. When they left the room, I thought they went into my sons room to play. I was wrong! Next thing I know they both come back proud as ever! … Read More