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I have had so many people ask me how to find a medium. They have either heard me talk about my experience or read my blog post about using medium readings to heal grief. Their first question is always, “How did you find a medium?” Most people have thought about it, but they have no idea where to start.

I like to start by explaining that a psychic and a medium are two different things. A psychic has the ability to connect with you and talk about your past, present, and future. A medium has the ability to connect to people that have crossed over and are coming forward to connect with you. Essentially, they connect with you through the medium.

Let me also say not all mediums are created equal. It takes time and practice to hone their skills. Some can hear names, while others only see first initials. A good medium will always be able to describe the personality of the person you are connecting to. Often times they will say exact statements used by that person when they were here. A legitimate medium should be able to talk about things only you would know. Do your homework to ensure you choose a medium that is reputable.

So where do you start?

We started with Google quite frankly. We put together a list of local mediums. Then we started to research them. Many offer reviews on their website. We were still very skeptical so we dug into the internet to see what else we could find. My husband is like Sherlock Holmes. He left no rock unturned. In our search we learned a few things.

There are organizations that certify psychics and mediums. These organizations are a great place to find a medium! What I have learned is there are only 30 mediums certified through the Forever Family Foundation. Apparently thousands apply. Their process is so rigorous very few make it through.

Do you know anyone that has gone to a medium? Those are the best recommendations you can get, assuming you trust what they have to say. Then my last piece of advice when choosing a medium is to follow your gut. I believe the universe (or whatever you believe in) will lead you to the person you are meant to find. Trust it.

When we selected someone, we jumped through hoops to make sure we remained anonymous. This was mostly to provide my husband validation that there was no way she could know anything about us ahead of time. He created a fake email address not tied to our names and used it to communicate with her and schedule the appointment. We paid in cash so we didn’t have to provide a credit card. She only had his first name. During the medium reading we did not share any personal information about ourselves or who we wanted to connect with. She led the entire reading and only asked us to validate things after she said them. A good medium will also want to validate the information they are giving you makes sense to you.

I have had a few experiences with mediums. Each validated my belief in their own unique way. I recommend it to anyone that is open to it. Have you had any experiences with psychics or mediums?

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5 Comments on “How To Find A Medium Or Psychic Medium”

    1. I hate that term “move on”. The whole idea of moving on without our loved one is just too much. I prefer to think of it as moving forward…finding a way to move forward with them, just in a different way. It looks different for everyone. But, you’re already doing it. One foot in front of the other every day. Keep grieving any way you want or need to…don’t feel pressured to be a certain way in a certain time…just keep going. Hugs!

  1. I like that you explain how mediums can have different levels of psychic skills and they require time and practice to hone their skills. I also like your advice to research online and talk to people you know in order to get their advice. Once you’ve researched the different options and created a list of psychic mediums that you feel are qualified, it would probably be a good idea to meet with them so that you can find one who you trust and feel comfortable with.

    1. A good place to start is Forever Family Foundation. They have a list of mediums that have passed their very rigorous testing. I’ve used a few of them on that list. Otherwise, look for referrals from people you trust and do your homework to look for reviews.

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