My 1 Year Old Put Me In My Place

put me in my place

As a mother, it is natural to have moments of insanity brought on by your children. Times when their actions push you to the brink. These events typically result in an eruption of emotions and a lot of yelling, resulting in mom guilt. It is rare to have someone around to witness and check you when it happens. Your kids slink away feeling small and dejected. You just feel exasperated and horrible. Not today.

I learned today that my one-year old has more sass than I gave her credit for (and I give her a LOT of credit). She may not be speaking real words the rest of us can understand, but sure knows how to put me in my place. More importantly, she knows how to stick up for herself and bring levity to a situation. Likely life skills that will do her well later.

Here are two things you need to know about my one-year old daughter. First, she is a typical toddler. She gets into EVERYTHING! You cannot turn your back for a moment or she makes messes, gets into trouble, and adds to your long list of to dos. Second, she is a sharer. While this sounds like a positive thing, it’s not. Everything she picks up, she brings to you. Here, look what I found. Hold this for me. Play with this while I watch. I just got into this. Here is part of the mess I made over there. When any item passes her hands she expects you to take a strong vested interest and stop whatever you are doing to interact with it.

Now let’s put these things together. It was one of those days when she was over sharing. I, of course, was preoccupied with something else. She, of course, was getting into things she wasn’t supposed to be. She brought me the first item from her latest mess. My response was annoyance. I took it from her and set it aside. Not 5-seconds pass and she is bringing me the second item from her mess. I realize what is happening and my annoyance level grows.

“What did you get into?”, I ask her. As if she is going to respond in a way I can understand. She is now leading me to her mess so she can proudly show it off. Mind you, this is the third big mess of the day. I had one of those fun mom moments. I freaked out. Not AT her, but parallel to her.

back talk

I threw my hands up and sighed. Then I yelled, “Why do you insist on making all of these messes?” Followed by, “I can’t turn my back for one second. You’re driving me bonkers today.”

This is where the kid typically slinks away to get out of the line of fire. Instead, she gave me a taste of my own medicine and put me in my place!

Imagine a 1-year old looking you directly in the eye and throwing her hands up in the air as she jibber jabbers a bunch of nonsense. All while using the tone and inflection just demonstrated. She is completely exasperated! At least she makes it appear she is.

Exactly how I must have looked to her. Crazy!

I immediately started laughing. I grabbed her and started tickling her. Then I said, “Don’t you dare make fun of me! You’re not allowed to back talk me either. What are you thinking?”

How is it possible that my one-year old could put me in my place so perfectly?! Definitely a sign of things to come.

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