Child Loss Erases The Line Of Appropriate

child loss

When you lose a child, that death turns you into a different kind of parent. Your entire family changes. The topic of death free flows, sometimes to the point that it could make other people uncomfortable. There are no lines in the sand to determine what is appropriate because that line ceased to exist when your child left this earth. This … Read More

My 1 Year Old Put Me In My Place

put me in my place

As a mother, it is natural to have moments of insanity brought on by your children. Times when their actions push you to the brink. These events typically result in an eruption of emotions and a lot of yelling, resulting in mom guilt. It is rare to have someone around to witness and check you when it happens. Your kids slink … Read More

12 Ways To Make Your Kids Feel Special

tips to make a kid feel special

This last week my mind has drifted to the topic of making kids feel special. I have connected with a handful of readers that lost a sibling. They were moved by my siblings are the forgotten grievers post and graciously shared their stories with me. Once again I tell myself, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” Over and over I … Read More

7 Reasons Motherhood Has Made Me A Better Person

There are many words associated with motherhood. It is rewarding, exhausting, joyful, challenging, messy, incredible. It is a roller coaster of emotions. Singly the most difficult thing you will ever do. Yet so worth it! My decision to become a mother was intentional. In my mind it just made sense. This is what you do. Motherhood is the next chapter. … Read More

Today I Failed At Motherhood

Today I failed at motherhood.

Today I failed. I completely failed at motherhood. There I said it. If I’m honest, it was multiple times. I’m not proud, but motherhood was tough on me today. They rarely tell you about this part. I feel defeated, stressed, exhausted, and ashamed. It was a combination of many things. Not a lot of sleep. A constant barrage of messes. … Read More

18 Easy Questions To Start A Conversation & Get To Know Your Kids

18 Ways to start a conversation.

The quickest way to strengthen your relationship with your kids is to start a conversation. Conversation creates connection. Demonstrates interest. Improves your ability to communicate. By asking the right questions, you learn valuable information. Investing time strengthens your relationships. These conversations create positive interactions. The information gathered gives you personal information to relate back to and build experiences around. It … Read More

How To Be In The Moment In The Age Of Technology

Be in the moment. A goal for most parents. Seemingly unattainable at times, but a goal nonetheless. This phrase is constantly being offered up as advice. Remove all distractions and slow down. Live your life in the present moment. Take it all in. As a society we are obsessed with cell phones and technology. Regardless of where we are, our … Read More

Why We Created A Safe Word

As we exit the store, my eyes begin constantly scanning. I’m looking for cars driving by. Reverse lights coming on as someone prepares to back out of a parking space. People lingering. Who am I parked beside? Is there anyone sitting in the car? Trying to anticipate everything. My daughter walks beside me. She pauses to look both ways as we … Read More

Parenting After the Election – What Do We Do Now?

How many times did we say, “I can’t wait until after the election is over”. From the moment it started, this right here is the moment everyone longed for. You feel better, right?! If your social media feeds look anything like mine, it is as if the world is ending. Though if you ask me, it would have been that … Read More

Missed Connections – Motherhood Edition

Have you ever read through the “Missed Connections” section of Craigslist? It can actually be quite comical. People posting about their random interactions with strangers. Hoping that person will read their post, remember their casual encounter, and contact them to reconnect. I wonder how many of them ever really find the person they were searching for. Then I started thinking about what missed … Read More