7 Reasons Motherhood Has Made Me A Better Person

There are many words associated with motherhood. It is rewarding, exhausting, joyful, challenging, messy, incredible. It is a roller coaster of emotions. Singly the most difficult thing you will ever do. Yet so worth it!

My decision to become a mother was intentional. In my mind it just made sense. This is what you do. Motherhood is the next chapter. I saw the benefits to starting a family as creating a life filled with love. Raising little people that would grow up and provide security so that I would never be lonely. Looking back it all seems silly. Selfish even. I had no idea what being a mother meant.

Motherhood is life changing. It has given me purpose. Daily I experience life a second time through the eyes of my children. They are my teachers carrying the ability to shift my perspective and expand my understanding. It is nearly impossible to remember what life was like before they existed. I am a very different person now. Through all of those changes one thing stands out. Motherhood has made me a better person.

7 Reasons Motherhood Has Made Me A Better Person:

  1. I Love More Deeply – My capacity to love has expanded beyond what I ever dreamed possible. Before becoming a mother I did not understand the meaning of unconditional love. My heart feels as if it could literally burst sometimes.
  2. More Selfless – Motherhood is a 24/7 job. I knew it required sacrifice. However, I had no idea how willingly those sacrifices were made. My happiness is now rooted in the happiness of someone else. They are the most important thing in my life.
  3. Live With More Compassion – Empathy runs deep. Their pain is my pain. I view the world through a new lens. Everyone is someone’s child. It has allowed me to see all sides of every situation and have a much deeper understanding of where someone else comes from. I live with more kindness.
  4. Realize Your Own Strength – There are times you are forced into situations you never imagined. Decisions you must make that you never thought possible. Life throws the biggest curveball and you figure out how to get back up and keep going because you are a mother. It is a necessity that becomes habit.
  5. Turned Me Into A Role Model – I am more intentional. Self aware even. I understand that the decisions I make and the way I carry myself is important. There are constantly little eyes watching. Taking it all in and learning from me through my actions. I want to raise them right and this requires so much focus on doing right.
  6. Braver Than Ever Before – You are the one that scares the monsters out of their closets. When they have a nightmare, you are responsible for erasing that memory. In the dark of night, you must rescue them from their greatest fears. It becomes instinct to put your own fears aside and be brave.
  7. Ability to Prioritize – You quickly realize what is important in life. You learn how to get the things done during the day that you have to do in order to do the things you want to do. The things you are most passionate about. Multitasking is taken to a new level once you enter motherhood.

Seasons of life change. Motherhood is where I now stand. Regardless of the trials and tribulations, I know it has all made me a better person.



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