4 Things I Hate About My Christmas Birthday

You guessed it! I have a Christmas birthday. Born December 25th.

What I’ve learned through the years is that it’s not that unusual. I’ve met quite a few people that share that day with me. My guess is most of us are pretty indifferent about it. It’s really all we’ve ever known. Yet for some reason, the world is fascinated by it.

In spite of my indifference, there are certain things that I’ve come to loathe about it.

Christmas Birthday

4 Things I Hate About My Christmas Birthday

  1. Hand someone your license or tell them your birth date. They read the date and after a minute of processing you hear, “Oh, you’re a Christmas Baby!” Like I didn’t know that.
  2. Immediately following, they will tell you that it must have really sucked! You probably get cheated on presents. Thank you for telling me my birthday sucks!
  3. This requires me to provide my canned answer of, “Actually, it wasn’t so bad. My parents always did a great job of separating the two.” Inside my head, I’m rolling my eyes and letting out a huge sigh of disgust that I have to talk about this AGAIN.
  4. Now that I’m a mom, any hope of a birthday is gone. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas! I love that the focus is on the kids at Christmas. Yet, just once, I’d like to be able to sleep in on my birthday (I LOVE and miss sleep). I’d like to be able to relax on my birthday (not slave over Christmas dinner and take toys out of packages). Do what I want to do on my birthday (without everything being closed). And while I love our families, the day is taken over by webcams and phone calls. So I really don’t get a birthday anymore.

This is why I celebrate my “Birthday Month”. As soon as December 1st hits, my husband gets used to me throwing the “Birthday Month” card around. Where are we going to dinner? I either get to pick the place I want (because it’s my birthday month). Or I get to make someone else pick (because it’s my birthday month). This pretty much applies to anything that happens around here. I try to opt in or out as I choose. Sometimes it works well.

So the next time you meet someone with a birthday on Christmas, remember this list! You don’t have to point it out, and please don’t ask if it sucked. Because it didn’t until I had to start having this conversation.

Do you have a Christmas birthday? December birthday? What do people ask you?

3 Comments on “4 Things I Hate About My Christmas Birthday”

  1. I definitely love the idea of a birthday month! Not everyone can get away with that! But I think being that your birthday is on Christmas and all, you pretty much should be able to do that, for all the above reasons!

    1. That’s my thinking exactly! And I’m not asking for birthday gifts all month…just special allowances here and there. LOL. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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