Kids Birthday Parties Suck

birthdays after death of a loved one

When your child dies, you understand how much kids birthday parties suck. I’m not necessarily just talking about other people’s kids birthdays. Your own kids birthdays are equally crappy. It is as if someone repeatedly stabs you in the heart all day. Constant reminders of what you had, what you are missing, and what will never be. It is no wonder … Read More

Planning Our Next Milestone – Cameron’s Birthday

My heart has been heavy these last couple of weeks. September means a new milestone. A big one. Cameron’s birthday. He would have been 8 this year. I’m calling it 8/1 to note his first on the other side. How I wish more than anything that I had an almost 8 year old here! We would have been picking out a … Read More

4 Things I Hate About My Christmas Birthday

You guessed it! I have a Christmas birthday. Born December 25th. What I’ve learned through the years is that it’s not that unusual. I’ve met quite a few people that share that day with me. My guess is most of us are pretty indifferent about it. It’s really all we’ve ever known. Yet for some reason, the world is fascinated … Read More