The Importance Of Remembering Our Loved Ones – Cameron’s Reindeer Drive

Remembering our loved ones is the single most important goal. Nothing makes our heart happier than to have those around us help. Reindeer have always had a special place in our house. So when friends of mine decided to do something in memory of Cameron, a reindeer drive just made sense.

I believe angels walk among us. These are the people that stay close to us in our time of pain. In spite of their discomfort, they walk beside us as we grieve. Most importantly, they aren’t afraid to speak their name and talk about them.

I am so thankful for my angels!

Our Reindeer Drive was angel born. An idea to do something nice. An incredible gesture to help us remember our loved one, Cameron. It took flight and grew as more angels stepped in to help it grow and work together to make it a success. Cameron was smiling down. Gratitude and love overflowed from my heart as I watched the outpouring of love and support from everyone that participated.

This was exactly what we needed. The anniversary of his death was looming over us. Seeing something positive come out of it makes me happy (as happy as it can anyways). Knowing others remember him with us. It brings the most comfort. Remembering our loved ones is so important in the grieving process.

Our angels collected just over 200 reindeer. Those reindeer were distributed in memory of Cameron to children in the hospital at Christmastime. The tag attached told of Cameron’s love for his Reindeer. That we believed every child needed to know the unconditional love and cuddles received from a reindeer, especially when they were sick. It was perfect!

My sister is a nurse at our hospital in my hometown. She shared with me several stories from her shift just before Christmas. As she arrived, she was in tears thinking about the task of delivering any reindeer. One sweet little girl found immediate comfort as she hugged her reindeer close and rested her head on him. Then there was a mother that lost her daughter on Christmas just 5-years earlier. My soul sister, as I believe all bereaved mother’s become.

Thank you to our angels! Those that came up with the idea. Those that stepped up and helped execute by spreading the word, collecting reindeer, tagging them, and then distributing them. Especially to those that donated! It means the world to us.

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  1. Though my son was 42 when I lost him, and I had more time with him the pain of losing your child at any age is the same. It will be 10 years this may 6 at 10:22 PM.

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