The Day I Forgot My Son Died

grief amnesia

It was the day of his memorial. It sounds funny, but I remember it clearly because it’s the only day our house was full. Some of our family had started to trickle in so the sound of conversation hummed around me. I stood at my kitchen sink absentmindedly rinsing some dishes when my oldest daughter came bursting through the kitchen chasing … Read More

Hello Grief, I Remember You Well

managing grief after loss

I don’t believe in coincidence. It is something I openly make known. All coincidence has meaning. The synchronicity of the universe is beautiful if you just open yourself up to see it. There lies all the proof you need that our loved ones continue on the other side. Lately life has been all consuming. I had 4 different freelance projects … Read More

Pennies From Heaven – It’s Not Just A Story

signs from heaven

Everyone has heard the concept of “pennies from heaven”. There is a saying that when a loved one misses you, they toss a penny down from heaven. While a mere coincidence to some, others see a synchronicity that just makes sense. Before my 7-year old son died, I believed in signs sent from the other side. However, looking back I didn’t … Read More

7 Is Too Young To Die

Story of Losing A Child

7 Is Too Young To Die was Originally published at Her View From Home. This was it. The moment I was dreading. The end. As I lay there in his hospital bed, holding him, I focused all of my attention on his chest. As the machine pumped, I could see it rise. Then lower. I tuned into the sound. Blocking … Read More

How Minnie Mouse Delivered A Message From Heaven

I love a message from heaven story. This is one I have not really shared. It’s one of my “this is going to sound crazy, but” stories. I typically reserve them for people closest to me. Those that won’t think I’ve completely lost my marbles. However, I believe they are important to share. Signs are everywhere! This story begins in February 2016. … Read More

The Importance Of Remembering Our Loved Ones – Cameron’s Reindeer Drive

Remembering our loved ones is the single most important goal. Nothing makes our heart happier than to have those around us help. Reindeer have always had a special place in our house. So when friends of mine decided to do something in memory of Cameron, a reindeer drive just made sense. I believe angels walk among us. These are the … Read More

8 Balloons Found from Cameron’s 8th Birthday Memorial Launch

September 30th would have been Cameron’s 8th birthday. It was our first without him here. To celebrate, family and friends all over participated in their own balloon launches very similar to the one we did at his memorial last December. We were inundated with photos and videos of people sending balloons up to Cameron in heaven. I know he was enjoying the … Read More

Thank You PBS For Making Me Cry

It’s unexpected. I’m standing at the sink rinsing dishes, loading the dishwasher. There is nothing special about this moment. It’s something I do all the time. My mind is filled with normal thoughts. I need to go out and bring the trash cans back in so we can take out the recycling. Grocery lists. Did I start the crock pot … Read More

My Orange Moon – Messages From Heaven

Have you ever seen an orange moon? Hang out at my house and I bet the frequency increases. That’s my reality. Here’s how it all started. The night before Cameron’s memorial, a few of us stood out by the pool. I had taken the dog out. My daughter wanted to “help”. My Mom joined, I think mostly to get out … Read More

Planning Our Next Milestone – Cameron’s Birthday

My heart has been heavy these last couple of weeks. September means a new milestone. A big one. Cameron’s birthday. He would have been 8 this year. I’m calling it 8/1 to note his first on the other side. How I wish more than anything that I had an almost 8 year old here! We would have been picking out a … Read More