How Minnie Mouse Delivered A Message From Heaven

I love a message from heaven story. This is one I have not really shared. It’s one of my “this is going to sound crazy, but” stories. I typically reserve them for people closest to me. Those that won’t think I’ve completely lost my marbles. However, I believe they are important to share. Signs are everywhere!

This story begins in February 2016. Just 2-months after Cameron died. I attended a local event where I met a woman with some medium abilities. A group of us ate lunch together. This was the conversation (I will call her Sarah).

Sarah said, “I knew I was going to meet a bereaved mother here.” There were 2 of us in the group.

She proceeded to say, “I know this is going to sound crazy, but I have a message. It isn’t really specific. However, I really feel like I need to share it.” I loved that her story sounded like so many of mine have started to sound, “I know this sounds crazy, but”.

Sarah directed her message to both of us. In her daily meditations she had been seeing a child’s casket. For her, this symbol simply referred to a child passing. She knew her message was coming from a child. The vision she kept seeing was Minnie Mouse. Nothing more was given or explained. Everyone laughed because she was from out of town and this was Orlando, home of Disney World.

She clarified by saying, “I know this is Orlando and we are in Disney World central. However, this message has nothing to do with Disney World. It’s completely independent.” She hoped that it would make sense to one of us.

Neither of us had any profound connection though we tried. We had spent a lot of time at Disney World when we had our annual passes. However, Minnie wasn’t really a connection for me. It didn’t make sense. We also had a small Minnie Mouse doll that Melia had from when she was younger. Sienna had it in her crib. However, this all felt like a stretch. It just didn’t connect.

Sarah told us both to just file it away. Hold onto it in case it would become clear later on. To be honest, I haven’t thought much about it since. Then this happened.

message from heaven

Last month we had to make our semi-annual trip to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Sienna’s kidney appointment. This is the hospital where Cameron died so there are always a lot of emotions under the surface during these visits for me. It just so happened, our appointment fell on the exact same day as donation day for Cameron’s Reindeer Drive.

I will say it was a complete coincidence. However, if you have read many of my posts you know I don’t really believe in coincidences. Our appointment had been booked 6-months prior. My friends had no idea of our schedule when they arranged the drop off. They had asked me to join if I felt up to it. Another trip to Arnold Palmer, especially to deliver reindeer adorably tagged with Cameron’s story and photo was not something I thought I would be up for. So I had politely declined. At this point I hadn’t even realized the coincidence.

A couple of days prior, it hit me. We were going to be at the hospital when they delivered. I still kept my distance. We then realized one of my friends had an appointment in the same office that had been scheduled 15-minutes after ours (another coincidence). We had no idea! So we met up on the playground after their delivery, just before our appointments.

As we left to head upstairs, my friend left to move her car before their appointment. Upstairs is where Minnie Mouse made her appearance. As we were being called back to our examination room, she stopped and handed Minnie to me.

During the reindeer drive, someone local made a donation. Part of their donation included a large Minnie Mouse doll. As they tagged the reindeer for distribution, they decided not to include the Minnie Mouse doll. Instead, they felt it was something my girls should have. After all, it wasn’t a reindeer so it didn’t really fit the theme.

Let me pause here to mention that neither of them knew about the message in February. As I write this post, neither of them have been told the story. This is the first time they are hearing it!

I took Minnie Mouse and I put her in our stroller. I didn’t think anything more about it until the car ride home. As I unloaded the stroller to pack up the car, my mind was filled with memories from that night. The mere mention of the hospital transports me back so you can imagine what a visit does to me. I grabbed Minnie Mouse to put her in the car and my heart stopped. I paused because it was Minnie Mouse.

Had Cameron really asked me to file Minnie Mouse away in the back of my mind so that I would recognize this gift?

Instantly I knew (as it usually happens for me…I just know) this was all orchestrated by him. He wanted to send something special to the girls. They don’t understand the significance yet. These aren’t stories I will share with them until they are older. However, this realization brought tears to my eyes. I was filled with love, joy, and grief at the same time.

I’m not sure who donated Minnie Mouse during the drive. They have no idea they delivered a message from heaven. No idea the incredible impact it had on me. So crazy as it sounds, Minnie Mouse delivered a message from heaven to us at Christmastime no less (another coincidence). There are signs everywhere if you just open your heart.

Have you ever received a message from heaven? Do you believe they exist?


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6 Comments on “How Minnie Mouse Delivered A Message From Heaven”

  1. Hi Emily,
    My husband and I are nurses at APH and my husband was on shift last Christmas and you and Cameron were in out thoughts this season. Though I know you will always question yourself and feel guilty, you have to know that you absolutely did everything humanly possible to get help for Cameron.
    I do think we get messages from our loved ones in Heaven. My Grandmother lived to be 100 years old and as a former school teacher and fervent Christian, she impacted so many people around her. Of course she was a huge influence on my life too. I find that whenever I think of or read something regarding the past, or historical, I think of how living that particular part of history must have felt for my Grandmother. From 1908-2008, she lived through such extraordinary events. I know she is in Heaven and has found her reward, but I do feel so close to her in these moments.
    I felt her particularly this Christmas as I wore her Christmas tree pin during the season. In the hospital gift shop this year there was a Christmas tree pin that held the words “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”. I was drawn to that pin. I kept thinking of my Grandmother and how much she would have loved it. In the end I bought it and gave it to the lady at the coffee counter after she invited me to her church to hear her sing with her choir. She loved it and I told her about the pin I was wearing and that it was my Grandmother’s. I felt so close to my Grandmother and knew she would be pleased.
    Did you ever see the movie Phenomenon, with John Travolta? I think it was released in 1996, the year we moved to Orlando. Anyway there is a scene where Travolta’s character is comforting the children he will leave behind when he dies. He shares and apple with them and talks to them about how everything is related and how as they shared the apple, the energy contained by the apple will transfer to each of them and they will always be connected. It is such a comforting thought. I always loved that scene.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Beth – I appreciate your comments! It is so sweet to hear from APH staff. Love that you get messages from your Grandmother. You mentioned the movie Phenomenon. I do recall the movie. However, I never saw it. This scene intrigues me and I may have to add it to my list to go back and watch. Thanks for sharing! Emily

  2. Love this! I get the signs from my girls! I’ve got some doozies too! I’ve posted many on my blog as well! It’s cool that you recognize the order of events and how they all connect to bring you full circle, not just to get Minnie to you, but to be sure you knew it was from your son! Thank you for sharing this! You should send it to The Compassionate Friends. What they share on their international site gets picked up for local newsletters and websites all over the world to bereaved parents.

    1. Thank you! These type of stories are always some of the most popular. I will definitely check out some of yours. 🙂

  3. Hello Emily. As you know, I also lost a child (my son’s “Angel Date” will be on December 4). Your story is beautiful. Tears filled my eyes as I read it. I do believe that we are given signs to let us know that our children are OK and even looking down on us. The blessed hope that we have is that we will be reunited with them eventually in heaven. Love to you and your family. Judy

    1. Hi Judy! Sending you lots of love today as you remember Billy and make your way through another angel date. Emily XO

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